da Vinci S

Duke REST has a da Vinci S devoted for full time research and training purposes. The da Vinci S is housed in the Duke Vivarium

da Vinci Skills Simulator

Duke REST, with the leadership of Dr. Nazema Siddiqui, has a da Vinci Skills Simulator on loan from Intuitive Surgical, Inc. for research purposes. The da Vinci Skills Simulator is housed in the Duke SEAL.

trakSTAR Electromagnetic Motion Tracking System

Duke REST has recently acquired a trakSTAR electromagnetic motion tracking system (Ascension Technology Corporation, Northern Digital Inc.). The trakSTAR system has 16 sensors for tracking 6 degree-of-freedom motions outside of line-of-sight. Duke REST is currently using the trakSTAR to better understand surgeon learning for laparoscopic and robotic-assisted tasks and to determine what kinematic features could be markers for proficiency.